Finnish textile tradition meets California in my work. It’s a perfect union because the rugs stand for the values that we share. They are sustainable in many ways, comfortable, beautiful and meaningful. To me the rugs represent cosiness and warmth of a home, respect of creativity and individuality of weavers and design that is timeless. The stories of clothes that we wear next to our bodies live on in the carpets.

In Finland the hand-loomed rugs cover the floors of young and old, from modern to traditional homes, and they are loved in cities and the countryside. They come in many sizes, colors and  shades but the traditional ones are not dyed and the stripes are formed by the colors of old clothes and linens which are cut and used as weft. In my Californian rugs I use dyes as well as undyed materials for more freedom to design the desired looks.

My carpets are made from true California materials; jeans, linens and t-shirts. The designs are inspired by colors and materials and woven using a traditional Finnish loom. I love mixing together several hues to attain a vibrant shimmering surface. They are each unique, one of a kind pieces.

Clothes are sometimes called the second skin, because they protect us and make us feel comfortable. Fabrics surround us every day, they breath with us and the favourite ones give us energy and make us feel good. Has a pair of jeans travelled around the world with you, hiked on the Himalayas, or spent the honeymoon with you? Natural fibers unfortunately wear off and when the time comes to replace them, I suggest not to give them away but give them a second life as rugs. If you want to have your own / family’s / children’s clothes made into a carpet or a wall hanging, contact me for more information!